Trends in Technical Improvement of Conveyor Loading Stations

The loading station, where bulk material is received on belt conveyors is a critical area that is often exposed to a variety of problems. The high impact energy of the material being transported causes a large amount of wear and tear on the conveyor system. The shaft and bearing of idlers are often damaged and the top cover of the belt is torn off, sometimes even up to the structural carcass.

To overcome this phenomenon, closely spaced steel idlers with rubber rings were initially introduced. This was subsequently found to be inadequate, as a few millimetres of thick rubber material was not sufficient to absorb the high impact force. Fixed Impact Bar systems, with low friction UHMWPE at the top and impact absorbing rubber at the bottom, were then introduced. These pads, to a limited extent, did resolve the problems faced by impact idlers.

However, with the ever increasing demand for handling higher tonnage of material, it became imperative to develop a system that would absorb the high kinetic energy of the transferred material, more effectively. This resulted in Tega developing a totally new concept – Dynamic Impact Pads.


Dynamic Impact Pads comprise a specially designed support cradle, Dyna® pads and Tega impact mounts. These pads take care of loading station problems efficiently and economically. The bed supporting the belt is dynamically suspended on special mounts, which absorb the impact energy.



  1. Completely fail-safe operation
  2.  Minimizes belt and structure damage
  3. Reduces conveyor down time
  4. Unique suspension system
  5. Virtually maintenance free
  6. Reduces spillage at loading zone

DYNA® Pads are manufactured from a specially developed UHMWPE compound that has a very low co-efficient of friction and a high wear resistance.

The Tega Impact Mount is a unique suspension support system. Its rubber elements act as a torsional spring with the additional benefits of vibration suppression. There are no moving parts to wear out. Rebound resilience and dampening characteristics of rubber elements are selected to obtain optimum performance of the system for a given application. The rubber compound is formulated specially to ensure a long, trouble free life.

The Support Cradle consist of two parts – Dynamic Trough bed and Fixed Skirt Support.

The Dynamic Trough Bed is the mid section of the system, which takes the total impact load. This robust steel structure is supported on the impact mounts to absorb the energy.

The Fixed Skirt Support is provided on both the edges of the dynamic trough bed, where there is almost no impact load of the material. These provide fixed support to the skirt sealing arrangement.


 How to order
Tega Dynamic Impact Pads are custom designed and built to suit specific applications. Enquiries/orders should be sent with the necessary information against parameters provided on the Data Sheet. The Data Sheet (123KB)is available on request or may be downloaded from our website.



All international enquiries / orders should be to addressed to Tega India Ltd.
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