HOSCH has been at the forefront of belt cleaning technology world-wide for more than two decades. The immense advantage of HOSCH products is that they always meet the exact requirements of modern conveying systems at low operating costs.

A major problem confronting mineral processing industries is that of carry-back and spillage, resulting from the transportation of bulk material through belt conveyors. This not only leads to a substantial cost increase but the reliability of the plant is also affected.

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#1 Pre-Scraper B9S & #2 Sprung Blade Scraper B6



Picture shows large amount of spillage after the snub pulley collected under the belt.
An in-depth analysis of the problem reveals that careful selection of an efficient cleaner for the conveyor system is essential. The operating conditions of the conveyor system must be properly evaluated in order to select the appropriate cleaning system. This reduces the cleaning cost and also the wear and tear of the top belt cover. Thus the belt life is enhanced, effectively reducing the overall cost of conveying bulk materials.

 The two types of scrapers are HOSCH B9S & HOSCH B6