Internal belt cleaners are fitted in front of tail and take-up Pulley to prevent the materials which are falling on the top surface of return belt, from entering between belt and the pulley.
Hosch V-Plough and Diagonal type internal cleaner with it’s unique ELASTOMOUNT arrangement is fitted with an automatic locking device, preventing the rigid cleaner parts from coming into contact with the belt and damaging it after the cleaner blade is worn away.
Blades are manufactured from high wear resistant polyurethane to provide long life.
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Where the top surface of the return belt is susceptible to permanent accumulation of dirt, HOSCH sprung blade cleaner type B6 or HOSCH Torsion arm cleaner type B9S can also be used as internal belt cleaner as shown.


 Different Types of Internal Belt Cleaners
V-Plough Cleaner (Type V-1)
(unidirectional belt)
Diagonal Cleaner – Type D1
(reversible belt) 
Sprung blade cleaner
(Type B6-I)
Torsion Arm Cleaner
(Type B9S-I)
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