HOSCH recognises that Services forms an important part of it’s activity in providing complete Customer satisfaction

AIM:   Provide total solution to spillage problem in Handling of Bulk Solids.

In order that the service to the customer gets due focus, HOSCH has a separate Service Division which is committed to improving the spillage control in handling bulk solids through belt conveyor.

RESOURCE:  The division is headed by a specialist who has two decades of field experience in Bulk Solid Handling in Indian industry and has undergone specialised training on HOSCH Belt Scraper in UK. HOSCH in India has 12 well trained crew of Service personnel, who are stationed near the bulk solid handling plants in India, to provide prompt after sales service.

SERVICE PROFILE: Considering service as a separate product, HOSCH offers following services on paid basis:-

1. Installation
2. Maintenance
3. Eagle Eye Survey (Conveyor Health Audit )

Installation :  Any product / equipment, however good it may be, will not perform well if it is not installed correctly. Hosch service crew can provide such service . He can supervise the fitment of the product. During installation, if any modification to existing system is needed , HOSCH service person provides assistance to customer in undertaking such job. Such modification if not done in time can spell problem, that costs time & money and as well effect the performance of the product.

Maintenance:    During installation , HOSCH service person trains plant people on product maintenance and a maintenance manual is handed over for future reference. However if the customer intends to maintain the products through HOSCH service person, an optional annual maintenance contract is accepted. During such maintenance, HOSCH service person , not only adjusts and check the condition of the equipment, but also indicates future spares required for procurement planning. Additionally the general conveyor condition is checked and if any abnormality is observed, it is reported through the service sheet.

Eagle Eye Survey:  Led by the experience and knowledge gained over the years in providing solution to spillage problem in conveying bulk solid, HOSCH now offers consultancy services and expertise in this field. Under this Eagle Survey, HOSCH Engineer makes a detail survey of the problematic conveyors and submits the report, containing inadequacy detected, type of improvement required, scope of HOSCH and scope of customer in effecting such improvement.

For existing clients: All existing clients can now download any ‘Installation & Operating Manuals’ directly from the net, through respective product pages. Contact HOSCH-Kolkata for details.