Tega Friflo Impact Pads:

Tega has always been in the forefront of providing innovative conveyor products to industries handling bulk material. The immense advantage of Tega products is that they considerably reduce the operational cost of a conveyor system.
The loading zone in a conveyor system is an area that needs critical attention. The traditional method of providing protection to the conveyor belt uses impact idlers sheathed in rubber sleeves or rings, thus cushioning the impact of falling material. However, this system has several functional disadvantages – in particular, the accumulation of dust and grime in the moving parts and the corrosion and damage of bearings and stringers. All of these lead to seizure and breakdown. Impact idlers therefore require rigorous maintenance throughout plant operations, which means severe downtime problems.
With the introduction of Tega Friflo Pads, such problems are largely eliminated. Designed for the adverse working conditions in which conveyors operate at material handling stations, Tega Friflo Impact Pads reduce downtime and maintenance costs considerably.

 Construction Type H

Construction Type T

 Construction Type P


  1. No maintenance
  2. Minimizes belt damage
  3. Reduces spillage at loading zone
  4. Modular and adjustable support frame
  5. Minimizes belt sway
Dimensions (mm)
 Width  100
 Height  55/75
 Length  1300  1400  1250
 Construction Type  H  T  P


Construction of Friflo Impact Pads:

The Tega Friflo Impact Pad is a fusion of three different layers. The top layer is made of UHMWPE – for smooth movement of the conveyor belt. The middle layer is of rubber – to cushion the impact load, while the lower layer is for fastening impact pads on to the main support frame, which is usually made of aluminum. The elasticity of the rubber is fully utilized in this design. The low-friction feature of the UHMWPE always ensures smooth conveyor movement.

Pads may be constructed based on a selection of clamping arrangements. These could be clamp blocks with a hexagonal headed bolt, Type H or a square headed T-bolt, Type T or non-reinforced ordinary rubber grooves with a clamp block headed bolt, Type P In the absence of a specific request, standard design pads of Type H are supplied.


Tega’s sophisticated manufacturing facility employs the latest fusion bonding techniques to produce the tri-composite Friflo Impact Pad which is integrated so well, that there is no possibility of separation.

Light Duty: In low or negligible impact areas, these low friction pads act as a slider bed. The belt runs flat and smooth, aiding belt training and transfer point sealing. For conveyors handling fine material, the spillage clean-up cost is appreciably reduced. Installation of pads can be done on existing idler frames, using only a retrofitting support base.

C.S. View of Light Duty

C.S. View of Medium Duty

Medium Duty: In areas where the impact load on the belt at loading zones is not severe, the Tega Friflo Impact Pad provides the much needed cushion to the conveyor belt while absorbing the impact energy of falling material. The bolted type modular support frame makes installation simple and the maintenance of the conveyor easy.

Heavy Duty: The sturdy pads are individually fixed over an equally robust frame to absorb high impact energy, reducing the damage to the conveyor structure. The adjustable frame is easy to handle and can be installed quickly.

Rigid, fixed frames for extra heavy duty and custom designed support frames are also available on request.

C.S. View of Heavy Duty

How to order

Basic Components

A. Friflo Pads

Friflo pads are available in dimensions as indicated in the table. Four clamp blocks are required per pad of 1300 mm length. All installation items like bolts, nuts and washers are supplied as standard accessories. Pads of any other dimensions can be supplied on specific request. The type of construction desired is to be specified. The number of rows of pads required is decided on the basis of belt width.

B: Cradle (Support Frame)

Tega Friflo Impact Pad cradles can be supplied in standard design (Types A/B/C) or custom built to suit specific applications.

Enquiries/orders should be sent with the necessary information against parameters provided on the Data Sheet. The Data Sheet (138 KB)is available on request or may be downloaded from our website.



 Rows of Pads required for each loading station
Belt Width (mm)  650 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400
No. of rows 6 7 9 10 12 14 15 17 19 20



All international enquiries / orders should be to addressed to Tega India Ltd.
Phone: +91-33-33700400 | +91 33 30019000, Fax: +91-33-478-3649/478-1311 ·
e-mail: info@hoschonline.com


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