In transferring bulk solids cost effectively through a belt conveyor, it is important to ensure that each component is designed to give optimum performance. Tega, has for the past 25 years, been solving problems generally encountered at loading stations. Renowned for its pioneering work in the design of Impact bars, universal support bars and pulley bars, Tega also offers the SPILL-EX skirt sealing system.

Trends in Technical Improvements of Conveyor Loading Stations:

The loading station, where bulk material is received on belt conveyors, is a critical area that is often exposed to a variety of problems. Spillage is one such problem.
The material, when loaded on the belt remains in an agitated state and needs to be guided to a certain distance till its condition stabilises.

Tega SPILL-EX shown fitted on to a conveyor

This has traditionally been done with the help of skirt board that extend from the discharge chute on both edge of the belt. To seal the gap between the bottom edge of the skirt board and the moving belt, lateral rubber strips were introduced. This did control the spillage but only to a limited extent, as the strip could not be adjusted to match with the belt profile. This led to development of segmented type rubber sealing that could be individually adjusted to the belt contour. However, to avoid spillage completely, the gap between adjacent segments still needed to be eliminated.This required design ingenuity.
Responding to this need, Tega patented the SPILL-EX skirt sealing design. A simple yet effective construction, SPIILL-EX has succeeded in making conveyor loading stations completely spillage free.
The use of SPILL-EX has also enabled many Companies to achieve ISO 14000 certification which places great emphasis on the control of environmental degradation.

How SPILL-EX functions

The SPILL-EX skirt sealing systems comprises a specially designed backing plate, rubber blocks and serrated clamps that completely seal the belt edges at the loading station.

The rubber skirt blocks are slid on to guides provided on the baking plates and are held in position by means of the serrated clamps which prevents the rubber skirt block from moving up or away from the belt and allows them to be hammered down towards the belt.


  1. Fits easily to existing or new conveyor systems
  2. Soft but firm contact gives complete sealing
  3. Special wear-resistant rubber ensures long life
  4. Simple to install and adjust
  5. Individual blocks can be replaced without damaging adjacent ones
  6. The soft rubber eliminates belt damage
  7. Wide range to suit all site conditions


Various Components of SPILL-EX

Backing Plate

This is available in 3mm thick carbon steel for general application and in SS304, for corrosive material handling. Standard backing plates are L-shaped, while Z -shaped universal backing plates are provided on request.

Clamps and Fasteners

These are available in carbon steel for general application and in SS 304 for corrosive applications..

Rubber Blocks

These are made from soft, durable rubber of 50°-60° Shore A hardness. The standard size of the skirt block is 150*200mm, while a smaller version 125*150mm is also available for applications where installation space is limited.
Normal grade rubber blocks can operate with temperatures ranging from -20°C upto 65°C, while specialheat resistant rubber blocks can withstand hot material upto a maximum of 150°C.

Rear Skirt Sealing

Skirt sealing is generally provided on side skirts. However, for conveyors inclined upwards or for those handling fines, the sealing of the rear of the belt is necessary.
Rear skirt sealing is provided with a fixed width. The height of the rubber blocks is increased to 300mm to compensate for trough height..

 How to order
Select the options mentioned here to suit your conveyor application. In case your order does not specify these details, we will supply Standard Model Backing Plate of Type L, using Carbon Steel material and Rubber Blocks of Normal Grade in a standard size, with Clamps and Fasteners of Carbon Steel.

Enquiries/orders should be sent with the necessary information against parameters provided on the Data Sheet. The Data Sheet (353 KB) is available on request or may be downloaded from our website.


 Side Skirt Sealing
 Backing Plate  Standard/Small
 Model  Standard/Small
 Type  L/Z
 Material  Carbon Steel/SS304
 Rubber Blocks
 Grade  Normal/Heat Resistant
 Clamps & Fasteners
 Material  Carbon Steel/ SS304
Side Skirt Length: Any combination of these sizes to suit your skirt length
 Standard  mm  1500 1200 1050 900 750 600
 Small  mm  1000 875 750 625 500



 Rear Skirt Sealing
 Belt-width (mm)  Model 600/650 750/800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200
Backing plate length (mm)  Standard 450 600 750 900 1050 1200 1200 1350 1500



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