If a Conveyor belt is not properly supported – if it sags between idlers – the forces of loading will create spillage at the transfer points. Gaps between the belt and skirting system will develop, allowing fines and dusts to escape. This fugitive material is expensive to clean up and worse, it can build up on conveyor components where it can wear idlers, seize bearings and become entrapped in pinch points to gouge the belt.

The SPILLEX Universal Support System can be effectively applied to minimise belt sag between the idlers and thus improve the performance of Spillex skirt board sealing system. The support system is of Universal type which is fully adjustable to suit various belt widths, troughing angles and horizontal and vertical dimensions encountered at material handling site.

The Universal Support System consists of :
–Two support bars made of UHMWPE having a very low coefficient of friction thus providing a very smooth supporting surface for the belt to slide on.

–Arrangement to adjust the portion of the support bars with respect to the belt will have:

a) Swivel Support: Each support bar is mounted on the swivel support by means of clamps. The swivel support can be rotated alongwith the support bar and set to a given angle (belt troughing angle).

a) Adjustable Support: The swivel support is locked with the adjustable support at any desired troughing angle. The adjustable support is used to raise or lower the swivel support carrying the support bar.

b) Sliding Clamp : The adjustable support can slide up or down in the sliding clamp and can be set in a desired position. The sliding clamp alongwith all above supports is capable of sliding horizontally left or right on the Carrier Pipe and can be set in a desired position.

The carrier pipe is supported on its ends by the End Supports. The latter are bolted to the stringer channels of the conveyor.

The Support System is supplied in two standard sizes of
–400 mm Iength.
–800 mm length.

Custom built lengths to match the specifications of individual conveyors can be supplied on request.

The Support System shall have identical items for all belt widths except for the length of the carrier pipe. Belt width should be clearly mentioned so that carrier pipe with proper length can be supplied.


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