Case Studies

HOSCH Conveys Success

Problems associated with carry back spillage are most common for any company using belt conveyor to handle bulk solids. A quick fix solution that is cheap may sometimes give short term benefits but usually has long lasting & adverse effects on productivity and cost of operation. At HOSCH, we diagnose & analyze the root cause of the problem. Each of the below case studies are a testimony of how HOSCH have been successful in solving critical carryback problems on a long term basis.

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C The Changes – Performance promotes satisfaction

A conveyor in an Iron ore mine was facing severe carryback spillage issues. Customer installed C2 scrapers on the recommendation of Hosch personnel. The performance of the scrapers prompted the customer to reorder the same C2 scrapers for an adjacent conveyor facing the same carryback spillage problems.

C The Changes – CT the metallic head pulley scraper

The travelling tripper in the steel plant with belt runback had no space to fix an under the belt modern scraper. Hosch metallic blade CT scrapers installed on the head pulley proved very effective in carryback cleaning in such adverse conditions.

Ultimate cleaning solution for reversible belts

Conventional reversible scrapers are ineffective and is a source of great concern. The new generation intelligent reversible scraper HOSCH B6 RE brings an end to all the customer worries for ineffective cleaning of a reversible belt.

C The Changes – CT the best head pulley scraper

Both the existing installed scrapers were ineffective and led to excessive carryback spillage. Hosch provided a solution by only replacing the PU blade pre-scraper with CT metallic blade head pulley scraper which resulted in increasing the cleaning effectiveness.

Intelligent scrapers for Reversible Belts

The shuttle conveyors are the most critical conveyors in a plant because of its reversing nature. One of India’s largest steel plants were facing severe productivity issues with their shuttle conveyor. While the high amount of unscheduled shutdowns affected production, engagement of cleaning manpower incurred high costs to the customer. The auto-adjusting intelligent scrapers improved cleaning performance and put an end to the customer’s agony.